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Corporate Profile

Company History

About UsPT. ADYB Galaxi Akses was founded on 18 February 2014 and located at Komplek Pertokoan Parama Residence Blok III No. 09 Kel. Tanjung uncang, Kec Batu Aji, Batam - Kepulauan Riau.

Underlying license the establishment of PT. ADYB Galaxi Akses are as follows :  

a. Notary certificate – No.276, 18 FEBRUARY 2014

b. Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Decree NO. 4014030331105105 

c. Company Domicile, No. 009/BTJ/III/2014 

d. Business taxing, (PEM) – 330/WPJ.21/KP.0303/2006 

e. Company taxpayer membership ( NPWP ), No.66.693.576.2-215.000 

f. Company registration certificate, No. 

g. SIUP No. 02710/BPM-BTM/PK/III/2014 

Until May 2014, total number of employees has reached + 25 with the number of projects that have been handled + 2 Project. PT. ADYB Galaxi Akses also recorded as member of Indonesian Cleaning Service Association ( APKLINDO ) No : TA / 0001433 / IX / 08 / JU., KADIN membership no : 20205- 10091046/29-4-2010., Employees service provider license / workers with number : 142/IOPJ/VI/2010. Cleaning service includes: Regular Cleaning, General Cleaning, Deep Clean, Marble/Granite Renewal, Coating, Landscape, Pest Control, Washroom Hygiene, Garbage Removal and office cleaning. We also provide manpower in accordance with the project requirements.

Our Core Business

PT. ADYB Galaxi Akses is a company engaged in the business of Inspection Service, Repair, Maintenance and others, particularly in the field of shipping, building cleaning and oil and gas.  PT ADYB Galaxi Akses established as a form of dedication and loyalty of owners to the field of rope access inspection especially long in the respective fields along with the company's previous inspection and world renowned international and national. Both the owners and employees at this company are the people who have experienced for decades and have high competition in the field of inspection.  PT. ADYB Galaxi Akses has a great commitment to grow and progress on every project handled. PT ADYB Galaxi Akses always give our best to achieve the purpose desired by the customer in terms of cost, quality, time, and satisfactory service to customers.  PT. ADYB Galaxi Akses offering optimal and competitive prices, provide quality of inspection services that best fit the desired specifications of the customer procedure and finish every job on time according to the schedule given.

Working Culture

PT. ADYB Galaxi Akses have a working culture that we called “PIPES” which is have 5 point :

PRIDE : Every personnel, especially ROPE ACCESS Inspector must respect for themselves and the work being undertaken.   

INTEGRITY : Every personnel, must adhere to a code ethics of their position and the company regulations in any condition.

PROFESSIONALISM : Every personnel carry out their work in earnest, honest and responsible.

EXCELLENCE : Every personnel always make continuous improvements to enhance customer satisfaction.

SERVICES : Every personnel provide exceptional service to customers.

Standard Operational System  

  1. Standard Operational Procedure
  2. Chemicals
  3. Tools and Machinery
  4. Working Plan Schedule
  5. Quality Control 

Standard Operational Procedure (SOP)

AGA's SOP includes the steps of each job in the field, such as :  

  1. Inspection
  2. Repair
  3. Maintenance 
  4. Visual
  5. Ext.

Each execution of the field work must be as stated in the SOP.

Working Equipment

  1. Inspection
  2. UT Set
  3. MT Yoke
  4. Radiography camera
  5. Ext.

Maintenance / Repair

  1. Welding Set
  2. Grinder
  3. Cutting torch

Rope Access 

  1. All  equipments Support

Work Planning Schedule

Work Planning SchedulePT. ADYB Galaxi Akses itself has a schedule of work plan which is controlled directly by the Planning Supervisor in the field. The work plan was needed to work in the field became more effective and can achieve work objectives that have been set.



Quality Control

Quality ControlPT. ADYB Galaxi Access always maintain the standardization of the quality of a product or material from the process of preparation, storage, production, up to the service.

To achieve this goal, PT. Adyb Galaxi Akses employs quality control staff in the processes mentioned above.

There is also the task of quality control staff are monitoring, testing and supervise all production processes directly.


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